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What is Motion Design?

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This morning I sat down on the bigger of two couches in our lounge with the intention of writing an article answering the question, “What is motion design?” However, following…


How Nike Embraced Brand Storytelling to Build an Empire

| Train of Thought | No Comments

Short story—because it doesn’t sell product. Long story—they’ve found a better way. I can still remember when the swoosh ran a sixty second montage of Michael Jordan’s biggest moments to…



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I have a lot of scars. And it’s not that I was overly clumsy as a child, but I somehow managed to find myself in the emergency room for stitches….


Complementary Skills

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Recently, I’ve been contemplating the importance of understanding weaknesses and strengths both as a team member and a team leader. Whether in video production, motion graphics, sales, or coffee-making, understanding…