We Make Brand Films

Identity Visuals is a motion design and video production studio focused on creating narrative-driven films that drive engagement with your brand

We are not a factory
we are artisans

We craft every single video with care and attention to detail in order to produce something incredible just for you.

Stand Out

We believe incredible content is the key to standing out in a crowded marketplace.


: the art, process, or job of filming movies

Don't settle for cinematography as bland as it's definition.

True cinematography is an obsession, a compulsion, an unquenchable thirst to make something beautiful.

A great story isn’t found in big ideas or moments of inspiration. It’s not formed from a moment of glory. No, a great story is found by getting your hands dirty and digging deeper. It’s found by asking good questions. It’s not the rock, but the ripples.

A great story doesn’t charge the audience like a raging bull, trying to force a message on its viewer. A great story is subtle, it doesn’t ask a question out loud, but always gets an answer.


Commercial | Best Buddies


Explainer | Autosoft

WiserAir 6

Explainer | Wiser Air

VeriFi_Motion Design_03

Explainer | DataFi

Rings Screengrab

Short Film | SOLUS


Commercial | Onlife Health