CBS Holidays

A holiday content package we created for CBS

Reddit Formative

A title sequence for reddit's newest original web series.

Tradegecko Explainer

Telling the story of an innovative SaaS startup.


Learn about the next industrial revolution.

Identity Visuals is a motion design direction and production studio serving clients who love great design. Our work spans many areas of video production—from broadcast TV spots for CBS to title sequences for Reddit and Google.

Creative Direction

When you choose to work with us, you’re not hiring just another pair of hands. You’re working with creatives who have learned from years of experience, who care about target demographics and user personas, and that have the ability to shape information in a beautiful direction.


As a production vendor, we’re built to pair smart producers and talented creatives with a great idea. Whether we’re developing the creative from scratch or working from pre-existing boards, we approach every project with a desire to not just make a video, but make the right video.