We create videos for humans.

We believe no matter the technique, the design or the call to action, good videos focus on humans.

We create videos for humans because we believe the human narrative – a story of hurt, loss, love, anger, excitement, frustration and happiness – is the most powerful narrative of all. Each of us knows this story to be true because each of us lives it out every single day.

The human narrative drives us by day and haunts us by night. It inspires us to stop and listen to the expertise and philosophies of others. It encourages us to work side by side with our clients in order to make the right story for their needs. It pushes us to discover more and create better. It gives us the courage to continue testing unique combinations of our skills and abilities as designers, storytellers and animators. The human story is your story, our story, and we can’t get enough of it.

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Our Team

Samuel Cowden

Executive Producer

Zac Dixon

Creative Director

Austin Harrison


Alyssa McNally

Social Media/Writer

Nayt Cochran

2D Story

Max Anderson

3D Story

Michael Cribbs

2D Story

Taylor Blair

2D/3D Story