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SOLUS — An original short film

We’re big fans of passion projects here at Identity Visuals and SOLUS is a prime example of why. A lot of pain, sweat, and tears went into it’s production (really just A LOT of time), but the results speak for themselves. SOLUS was featured on Gizmodo and A.V. Club as well as being chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick, which all culminated in over 150,000 views.

Read our blog post about the creation of the film for more details!

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Strings Recorded at Quonset Hut Studios in Nashville, TN
Mike Janas, Lead Engineer
Jeremy Brown, ProTools Operator
Strings Mixed by Jared Fox
Orchestra Contracted by Travis Patton

Travis Patton, John Roberts, Kyle Pudenz, Charity Briles, Avery Bright, Sarah Turbett, Rose Rodgers, Brett Shocker, Paul Nelson, Kevin Sweers, Emily Nelson, Austin Hoke, Calvin Knowles, Quentin Flowers

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Client: Identity Visuals
Director: Zac Dixon
Animator: Zac Dixon
Illustrator: Zac Dixon
Score: Cody Fry
Sound Design: Neko Xidas