What is Motion Design?

This morning I sat down on the bigger of two couches in our lounge with the intention of writing an article answering the question, “What is motion design?” However, following a quick search on Google, it became apparent that there were already some incredible resources explaining the question. Thus, this blog has devolved into a collection of my favorite sources of knowledge on the subject.

The best resource I discovered was from a Paris (yes, France) based group called Motion Plus Design. Just below this paragraph is a video they created explaining the history and present form of motion design. It’s a bit of a long-burner, but well worth ten minutes of your day.

The next best resource in an article posted on Motionographer (which in itself is a great resource for learning about motion design) containing an interview with the founders of Motion Plus Design.

Finally, the resource you’ll never be allowed to cite in university essays, Wikipedia. In fact, the Wikipedia post is severely lacking in content of significance, but has enough to give a general overview of motion design.

If you have any other questions about motion design, feel free to ask in the comments or shoot us an email.